WP6 - Open Availability and System Evaluation

Wp Leader: Diogo P. Gomes

This work package is centered on integrating all the technology developed inside the WP 2, WP 3, WP 4 and WP 5 into a practical, Open Campus for Open experimentation, able to be explored by external application developers. Key aspects to be considered will be taken from the use case work developed inside WP 1, and information security and access control will be a key consideration inside this WP.

The work package will also handle scientific and technical dissemination, as relevant for the project. It is specially worth to mention the creation of two hackathon events (in the last six months of the project, one each academic term) to involve the developer (and student) community.

This WP has two major tasks, focused in different aspects of the problem:

Data Milestones Description
2017-10-16 System Integration and Evaluation (M19-M24 + M31-M36) This task will consist on the integration of the previous systems, deploying them in a combined way (i.e., sharing infrastructure resources) and evaluating them, as a co-existing component of the available Campus services. The system evaluation will be performed in different ways, focusing on performance aspects of each system, their joint operation and, lastly, their operation according to the identified use cases. The identification of evaluation metrics will be stipulated based on the scenarios identified in Task 1.1. The communication systems to be evaluated will be provided to this task considering the results from Tasks 3.1, and will rely both on the infrastructure developed inside WP 2, and on the assets identified in WP 1. The outcomes of WP 4, and of WP 5, which will be hosted inside the infrastructure resulting from Task 3.3, will be integrated with other services available at the university, in order to provide a Smart Campus. This task will complement two integration and evaluation moments: a preliminary, executed at about 30% project time completeness, which will provide feedback on the interaction between the different systems to one another (with the objective of improving them, as well as their interaction), and a final moment, (at about 80% project time completeness), with the objective of evaluating the final instantiation of the developed systems, and evaluate the full fledged operation of the use cases identified in Task 1.1.
2017-10-16 Open interfacing (M24-M36) This task will consist on the promotion and assessment of open contributions to the SOCA initiative. This will address both students (and explore several of the formal lectures inside UA, and other initiatives, as the recently launched InGENUA1), young entrepreneurs (through the UA branches, as the Incubadora de Empresas, UATEC, etc…) and even external companies (willing to prototype their services in a controlled, albeit complex, environment). The task will largely rely on the interfaces as developed inside Task 3.3, and providing access to multiple services (including the assisted living services developed inside WP 4, and the intelligent toolset developed inside WP 5). In terms of students, it is worth to highlight the relation between this task and current graduate degrees of DETI. DETI has several PhD degrees (on the large areas of Electrotechnical and Informatics Engineering), and the students will be involved in this initiative (in different ways, depending on the degree). Thus SOCA will also be an experimental platform for graduate studies. This activity will be further strengthen by the planned two hackathon events planned to be performed during the project. Feedback of this task may lead to redesign of interfaces on the second phase of Task 6.1. This task will also closely interrelate with WP 7 (on training).